Phonak Sky Q: Because a child is not a small adult


Dedicated pediatric Phonak Sky Q family and an expanded range of wireless solutions, including the new Roger technology, support children every step of the way.

The Phonak Sky Q product portfolio includes four models (including a size 13 RIC) across three performance levels based on the powerful Quest platform. The Mix & Match color range with 17 housing colors and seven ear hook tones (such as “Caribbean Pirate” and “Dragon Orange”) lets children create their personal hearing aid design. The non-linear frequency compression algorithm SoundRecover ensures maximum access to high-frequency sounds that are essential for children to develop age-appropriate speech and language skills. Furthermore, the Roger technology bridges the understanding gap in noise and over distance, ensuring optimized access to speech even in challenging listening situations (classroom, playground). The enhanced Phonak Target Junior mode allows hearing care professionals to fit even more accurately and verify that the hearing aids are programmed correctly.