Bernafon: Upcoming launch of Carista 5¦3


With Carista, Bernafon’s Swiss-engineered Audio EfficiencyTM technology will be available in two complete mid-range hearing system families. The user will be able to count on improved speech understanding, enhanced listening comfort, and more opportunities for individualization. “We are especially excited to bring wireless connectivity to our mid-range instruments with Carista”, says Giuseppe Romaniello, Carista Product Manager. “A direct input from the TV, mobile phone, GPS, etc., with less background noise, can really make listening much easier and more comfortable. And, in this price category, it’s a great feature.” Carista hearing instruments are also more comfortable to wear thanks to the Adaptive Feedback Canceller Plus, Adaptive Noise Reduction Plus and Transient Noise Reduction features.Four BTE and six custom instrument styles are offered in various colors, along with a variety of acoustic options.