Sprint announces wireless CapTel for iOS-powered mobile devices


Sprint Relay has announced that it is making Wireless CapTel available for devices using Apple’s iOS mobile operating system, with the aim of increasing accessibility of mobile communications for individuals with hearing loss. Until now, wireless CapTel was only available on certain Android devices.
The company’s CapTel application provides hearing impaired users with real-time word-for-word captions on their mobile device, to help them when receiving calls. Users place their calls in the same way as they do when using conventional phones by dialing a number, but the calls are directly connected to the CapTel service. When the callers receive a reply from the person they have dialed, they can listen to what the person says, but also read captions of the spoken content almost simultaneously on the phone’s display screen. This helps them to fill in any missing words that they may not have heard correctly.
"Sprint Relay is pleased to add another groundbreaking solution to its portfolio - and bring to the market a service that improves our customers' experience," says Mike Ellis, director at Sprint Relay, in a press release from the company. Sprint Relay has more than 20 years of experience in providing relay services to the hearing impaired and to people with speech disabilities.