MED-EL receives approval to market Single-Sided Deafness implant

MED-EL has become the first hearing implant company to receive approval for marketing cochlear implants for the indication of Single-Sided Deafness in countries that acknowledge the CE mark. This refers to users of all ages.

Approval from the notified body was based on numerous long-term scientific studies and is a result of a close collaboration between MED-EL and various reputable clinics across Europe. Clinical studies have proven that MED-EL cochlear implant users with SSD demonstrated an improvement in localization and speech perception scores in noise, thereby improving their quality of life.

“Working closely with our customers and professional partners, MED-EL has driven this research initiative so that individuals with SSD can enjoy the benefits of binaural hearing instead of relying on just one hearing ear,” said MED-EL CEO, Dr. Ingeborg Hochmair.

This new indication was pioneered in collaboration with surgeons such as Prof. Paul Van de Heyning, from the Antwerp University Hospital, Belgium.

“The approval of MED-EL cochlear implants for SSD is an exciting development…People with Single-Sided deafness often have problems following conversations in noisy environments and in working out the direction from which a sound came. This can be really frustrating for them. Electrical stimulation via a CI restores hearing to the ear with a hearing loss, makes it easier to understand the sometimes overwhelming world of sound, and gives people a better quality of life,” said Prof. Van de Heyning.

Source: Med-El

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