MED-EL: RONDO™ The World‘s First CI Single-Unit Processor is now available!

A new kind of audio processor is available on the market! For the first time, traditional audio processor components, control-unit, battery pack and coil, are combined into one single unit.The fully-integrated design makes RONDO™ simple to wear, and is especially comfortable for people who wear glasses of any kind. With no cable and fewer parts, users benefit from enhanced durability. RONDO™ disappears easily under longer hair. It is based on the proven OPUS Audio Processor platform and features the same signature MED-EL technologies. As announced in Audiology Worldnews earlier this year (here), the CE Mark and FDA approvals were obtained at the end of last year.

Connectivity: Connect to assistive listening devices (ALDs) via the telecoil, or plug in directly by using the Mini Battery Pack and a connection cable.
Weight: 18.5g (as delivered with standard magnet and batteries)
Battery Life: Up to 5 days of use with a set of 3 high-power zinc-air batteries (type 675).
Magnet Strength: Available with soft, standard, strong or super strong magnet.
Sound Coding Strategies: MAESTRO Cochlear Implant System supports the latest generation of FineHearing Technology as well as other advanced coding strategies.
Future Compatibility: Designed for compatibility with upcoming sound coding strategies.