Rehab Apps for Adults and Assessment Apps for Children , by Advanced Bionics


Advanced Bionics announced the launch of two iPad® apps, designed to help adults learning to hear with cochlear implants and hearing professionals working with children. CLIX is the first installment in a suite of rehabilitation applications that make up the Advanced Bionics Listening Exercises (able). The free CLIX app is designed to help adult cochlear implant recipients practice listening for word differences in both quiet and noise. It can also be used by adults with hearing aids. The second app released from AB, IT-MAIS, is a version of a popular assessment tool used by professionals around the world (Infant-Toddler Meaningful Auditory Integration Scale) to evaluate a young child’s response to sound during their first few years of listening with hearing technology. The app will indeed help professionals collect and save parental reports concerning their child’s response to sound through interview format. The test allows creation of up to 30 different child accounts and for repeated interviews.

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