Serenade 2.0 Software for Tinnitus Treatment


Serenade® device is offered by certified audiologists in 43 states, and has been helping patients with debilitating tinnitus (“ringing in the ears”) to find relief thanks to a form of sound therapy. Serenade 2.0, launched at Audiology Now! enables audiologists and other certified hearing healthcare providers to evaluate a patient’s tinnitus, determine its unique characteristics, and program customized, patented treatment sounds onto the Serenade device. New Serenade proposes multiple new features and enhancements, and test reporting and data-logging features have been optimized. A smooth user interface with new help text functionality makes Serenade 2.0 faster and easier to use for the clinician. In particular, an new way to quickly assess key aspects of the perceptual component of a patient’s tinnitus has been implemented.