Dry Caddy: Voted Best New Product on AAA 2013


Ear Technology’s newest product, Dry Caddy, was voted “Best New Product” at the recent AudiologyNOW! Conference held by the American Academy of Audiology in Anaheim. President and Founder of Ear Technology, Dr. Daniel R. Schumaier said, “It’s always an honor when your peers select you as a winner of a new product.” Ear Technology recognized the need to have an economical solution for hearing instrument wearers while traveling and in less demanding environments. “I wanted to invent a passive drying kit that was easy to use and more importantly a product that was worthy of the Dry & Store name,” he said. Dry & Store therfore introduced Dry Caddy™, a passive dryer for hearing instruments, be it hearing aids, personal sound amplifiers, cochlear implant hardware, noise/tinnitus maskers, and in-ear monitors. It requires no recharging, reactivating, batteries or electricity and comes with 6 Dry-Discs. It is not based on silica gel like other desiccants but on a molecular sieve to remove moisture from the tiny crevices, pores, openings, and tubes of hearing devices. It makes it an alternative to electronic devices, that cannot be carried everywhere.