New MADSEN Capella2 for Otoacoustic emission testing


The new MADSEN Capella2 from Otometrics is the result of a technology partnership between IHS, a recognized leader in clinical OAE, and Otometrics, a leader in clinical usability. It gives the clinician an objective and accurate analysis of cochlear function for all ages. The user interface of the MADSEN Capella2 is integrated into OTOsuite. Amongst other features, it allows to check the probe fit at both the beginning and end of a measurement, pre-define user-tests, swap ear data, and to easily compare results with normative values. Additionally, Precise Points was designed with researchers in mind, but is a powerfully simple tool. Optimized In Situ Calibration strikes the balance between accuracy and efficiency. These are just two examples of the most advanced features in Capella2.

Only released in the USA