Audifon launches vico and eox & via


vico – Simplicity redefined
Elaborately designed and well equipped with advanced hearing system features like the newest Adaptive Noise Reduction and Adaptive Feedback Cancelation, vico measures up to highest standards. vico is available as complete family of BTE- and ITE-devices at a fair price-performance ratio.

eox & via – New family members
With the eox family audifon offers a premium solution for wireless comfort. eox is available in ITE (IS+, IS) as well as BTE housing (M, S). Featuring real-time wireless streaming, eox allows customers to enjoy hands free telephone communication, to watch TV or listen to music through their hearing systems. Moreover, easyclick binaural synchronization allows customers to adjust volume and choose a program by only touching one hearing system. Using the audifon multistreamer, customers will be able to connect to various devices for ease and comfort in listening. Introducing the via IS, audifon’s wireless CROS/BiCROS family now offers additional choices for customers with an unaidable hearing loss on one side. All via products use high-bandwidth audio transmission to transfer audio signals from the customer’s unaidable ear to the better ear. via guarantees best speech intelligibility and superior hearing quality.
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