Bernafon launches Acriva

Bernafon announces the market introduction of Acriva 9¦7.The launch took place at the 25th annual AudiologyNOW! Convention. Thanks to Audio EfficiencyTM 2.0,a new integrated circuit platform, precision - "Akrivís" in Greek - is enhanced. With Acriva, customers will benefit from the new Frequency CompositionTM, the improved Adaptive Noise Reduction Plus, and a new level of wireless connectivity with SoundGate 2, amongst other features. Bernafon’s Frequency Composition™ delivers a new solution. It ensures the audibility of high-frequency sounds for people with severe high-frequency hearing losses. The system takes the high-frequency cues and shifts them to lower frequencies where the hearing capacity of such clients is better. The shifted signal is overlaid onto the original signal, keeping the bandwidth in the output signal unchanged and therefore the sound natural. Acriva also focuses on comfort and speech understanding, thanks to ChannelFreeTM signal processing, frequency-lowering, and directional modalities.