International Launch of SONIC BLISS 100 & BLISS 80


Sonic has launched its newest full line of premium hearing instruments that are designed to maximize user delight. It is built on the Speech Variable Processing (SVP) platform of Sonic. Bliss is equipped with the latest Adaptive Feedback Canceller from Sonic. This Canceller proactively attacks feedback, resulting in consistently squeal-free, easy listening. Add to this the finesse of Speech Priority Noise Reduction, which preserves speech clarity in noisy situations, as well as the convenience of Bluetooth® wireless connectivity, and the result is a host of benefits that users will find blissful. Hearing care professionals can order Bliss as a miniBTE in a selection of matte or sleek metallic hair and skin colors, or as custom instrument models in 4 skin tones. The Bliss lineup is offered at both premium (Bliss 100) and advanced (Bliss 80) technology levels with fitting ranges that cater from mild to severe hearing losses, including custom Power products.