ZPower Announces Registration with the FDA

ZPower announced that as of October 13, 2015 its facility and devices are registered with the FDA. Specifically, ZPower’s Camarillo, Ca facility is now an FDA registered Medical Device Establishment for the manufacturing of medical device accessories.

Ross Dueber, President and CEO of ZPower, explains “We’re seeing a growing demand for use of our high energy batteries and electronics in hearing and medical devices, so registration with the FDA helps assure our customers that ZPower meets or exceeds regulatory requirements”.

ZPower’s Rechargeable System for Hearing Aids is an innovative new product which makes it easy to convert many new and existing hearing aids to rechargeable technology. According to a recent MarkeTrak 9 study, rechargeable batteries and rechargeable hearing aids are among the top features sought by hearing aid users.

Disposable hearing aid batteries, which are used by people with varying levels of dexterity, often run out of power in the middle of the day, and require frequent changing. The ZPower Rechargeable System offers a full day of continuous power, charges overnight in the hearing aids, takes the place of an estimated 200 disposable batteries, and lasts a full year. The ZPower hearing aid battery is replaced once per year by a hearing care professional so the patient never has to touch a hearing aid battery again.