Unitron at the 2015 EUHA congress

At the 60th international EUHA Congress in Nuremberg Unitron has put the spotlight on its new Stride™ product family of BTEs and ITEs as well as new solutions aimed at enriching the patient experience.

“At Unitron, we are committed to finding innovative ways to work with our customers to drive greater adoption through the in-clinic patient experience and, ultimately, practice success,” says Jan Metzdorff, President, Unitron. “We are bringing to EUHA a full new line up of styles that are second to none in the industry as well as unique solutions that are focused on supporting healthcare professionals in their in-clinic success. From the patient-centric design of Stride, to the power of Flex™, to the new patient-facing screens within Log It All, we are very excited to showcase these to our European customers.”

Here is what visitors could take in at the Unitron booth:

  • Stride and North product & platform demonstrations. Unitron is proud to launch at EUHA its new Stride product family of BTEs and ITEs, built on the North platform. Stride leverages Unitron’s patient-centric design philosophy offering comfort, aesthetics, and intuitive controls that truly let patients focus on conversations in all listening environments.

  • Flex and Log It All - industry-first solutions to improve in-clinic success. Log It All, the industry’s first unique data logging solution, enhances Flex by allowing hearing healthcare professionals to gather information from a patient’s experiences wearing hearing instruments to create evidence-based conversations about their lifestyle and technology level choices. Now Log It All incorporates new patient-facing screens allowing clinicians to easily demonstrate for an individual their real-life listening behaviors and patterns.

  • Unitron has provided EUHA visitors with an opportunity to be fitted with pair of Moxi™ or Stride hearing instruments, allowing to directly experience North’s seven-destination automatic program while attending the conference and touring the exhibit hall. At the end of the trial, visitors could return to the Unitron booth to see their listening experience portrayed within Log It All.