GSI TympStar Pro

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Grason Stadler (GSI), a world leader in clinical instrumentation, is proud to announce its NEW clinical middle-ear analyzer, the GSI TympStar Pro™. The introduction of TympStar Pro reinforces the legacy of excellence in middle-ear evaluation by maintaining the precise diagnostics, reliable mechanics and logical design that is synonymous with Grason-Stadler. The TympStar Pro boasts an intuitive and flexible design that moves through a complete range of middle-ear testing for every patient population from infants through adults.

Built with the clinician in mind, the TympStar Pro provides comprehensive clinical options with an intuitive user interface. The new Tymp Touch Technology combines easy to read options and a logical layout to ensure the clinician is able to focus on the patient instead of the equipment. The 12 inch color display allows the clinician to easily change parameters with a single touch. The sophisticated probe design ensures quick hermetic seals on every patient and has the ability to start/stop tests or change ears from the enhanced shoulder box.

Protocols can be configured to optimize efficiency and workflow; the flexibility of pre-defined protocols saves time and creates consistency in testing procedures. All components of admittance (Y/B/G) are recorded and stored simultaneously for each tympanogram and each probe tone to improve diagnostic specificity. Perform Reflex Threshold testing with complete confidence and obtain artifact-free acoustic reflexes using the multiplex pulsed-tone stimulation.

Ready to be used independently or with a computer, clinician’s will appreciate the flexibility of this stand-alone instrument while offering seamless data transfer to a computer. Complete results may be transferred to GSI Suite™ and Noah®, or integrated with EMR/EHR systems such as AudBase for a direct HL7 interface.

The TympStar Pro continues to set the clinical standard in the industry for middle-ear analyzers.

Learn more about the TympStar Pro by visiting: or call US: 800‐700‐2282 or International: 952‐278‐4402