Widex Cros Fusion- Lets users hear both sides of the story

widex cros fusion

Building on the success of WIDEX CROS, Widex now introduces the new CROS FUSION model – the ultimate solution for people with single-sided deafness (SSD).

Smaller and more discreet, CROS FUSION uses three times less battery power than other wireless CROS solutions. Like the conventional model, the wireless CROS FUSION transmitter is worn on the user’s deaf ear like an ordinary Behind-the-ear hearing aid, where it transmits sound to their better ear using unique WidexLink wireless technology.

It can also be utilised as a BiCROS solution for those who are deaf in one ear and hearing impaired in the other. Both solutions make use of Widex’ acclaimed FASHION or FUSION hearing aids, while the better ear is fitted with any hearing aid in the DREAM range.

  • Incredible battery life for more convenience and power
  • Modern, stylish and small design makes CROS cosmetically appealing and incredibly discreet
  • Easy to fit using Widex user-friendly COMPASS GPS fitting software
  • Advanced WidexLink wireless technology means no echoes or distortion

For more information see www.widex.pro/cros


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