NoiseWatch app to share experience of noise


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The geographic information systems company Esri (Environmental Systems Research Institute) recently released a new app to track and share information on noise pollution worldwide.

The app, known as NoiseWatch, is intended to collect and share data on noise pollution from both official scientific sources in Europe and crowdsourced observations from people around the world.

According to the developers, “Environmental noise is one of the most omnipresent pollutants in the world today. Our modern way of life has meant that wherever we live, work, or play we can mostly expect to be subjected to noise from cars, aircraft, industry or even other people.” The fact that this noise can have an impact on health prompted the group to develop a tracking app with input from multiple sources.

Users can submit their own observations of noise around them using the ‘Rating tool’ in the application or by downloading the mobile device app available for iPhone and Android. Ratings use a five point scale from “very good” to “very bad” and are immediately recorded by the system and displayed on the map.

NoiseWatch provides an interactive map with several layers that can be selected individually or together and shows worldwide citizen observations, aggregated citizen ratings based on hexagonal grids, observation frequencies, and noise agglomerations for a number of European cities. Agglomerated information corresponds to modelled data that is updated annually covering road, rail, air and industrial noise.

Source: ArcGIS