smart optics to present on AAA their 3D-Scanner duo scan and dsProduction

smart optics scanner

In the dental and audiology sector and also in the electronics industry the firm's products have become firmly established owing to their efficiency and quality. The many years of experience and the constant dialogue with clients help them improve and continue to develop their products with a special focus on the client, the quality and the future.

In its press release, it is asserted: "Meeting client-specific requirements and finding new, innovative solutions are the challenge we set ourselves every day, and are thus part of our core competence. We focus on implementing projects rapidly and in close cooperation with our clients and development partners in a goal-oriented manner.The quality standards, which are a matter of course for us, are certified according to DIN EN ISO 13485 and DIN EN ISO 9001 and provide the basis for other necessary authorizations."

Smart Optics' PHILOSOPHY:"All from one source"

The products are designed to meet the demands of the market and thus those of the clients. They should be characterized by maximum benefit, ease of operation and a good price-performance ratio. The combination of hard- and software solutions from one source, coupled with the individualization options in the field of OEM, create completely new and tailor-made products for the client. Therefore, clients avoid interface problems and receives a coordinated retailer service with just one point of contact.

smart optics emphasizes : "Our focus is on the people – both our clients and our employees.Without the commitment of our employees we would not be able to grow and be successful on the market.We are there for you - sincerely, fast, competent and reliable."

3D-Scanner duo scan and dsProduction

At this year's AAA in Texas the company smart optics from Germany presents their scanner ds production for the production and the duo scan to the hearing care professionals. Both scanner impress with their speed to generate accurate 3D-data of ear impressions, but also impress with their fairness, because: follow-up costs or license fees are completely eliminated, while maintaining "Made in Germany" quality. For a simplified data exchange provides the new FTP module.

Users can now upload their created data to a server in order to use them for further processing or visual purposes. Whether the prospective user is a beginner or a professional, the simple multilingual user interface simplifies the handling so that training can be omitted.

The smart optics sales team Britta Welz and Matthias Koch (booth # 574) are available to answer questions and give visitors an insight into new developments

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