Inventis Cello

Inventis Cello

The Italian company Inventis introduces its new diagnostic audiometer Cello, PC or iPad controlled. Pure tone and speech audiometry via air and bone conduction or free field; video-VRA test, High-frequency audiometry and QuickSIN® test. These are only some features of the new diagnostic audiometer Cello, the latest instrument joining the Inventis “orchestra”, together with Piano, Harp, Bell and Piccolo audiometers and Clarinet, Flute and Viola middle-ear analyzers.

Inventis has been developing and manufacturing diagnostic devices for the audiology and ENT market for ten years, and it is currently represented in more than 50 countries. The company has ever since shown a particular attention to the innovation and the design of its products. Cello, the audiometer with colored covers that you can hang on the wall, is just the most recent expression of it.

Computer and iPad® control

Connect Cello to the USB port of your Windows® computer and you are ready to go: no driver and no additional cable required. You can control Cello through the Maestro module’s amazingly user-friendly interface, available for Daisy and Noah.

The Maestro app, available on the Apple® App Store®, can be used to control Cello for pure tone and speech audiometry directly from your iPad®; it features a complete patient database, while also allowing you to print professional reports and export data to Noah and Daisy.


With Cello, in few minutes you can build a video-VRA system with unlimited possibilities for customizing the images and videos used as reinforces. Everything is controlled through the Maestro module, simply connect up to three displays to your computer to provide the reinforces.

Hang it on the wall!

Decorate your sound booth with Cello! Available with different changeable colorful and stunning magnetic covers, you can easily hang Cello on the wall using the featured VESA mount or the specially designed transducer holder.

You can visit Inventis on booth 201 at AudiologyNow! in San Antonio.