Beltone Launches Hearing Aid to Revolutionize Personalized Hearing

Beltone Legend

Beltone announced the launch of the Beltone Legend™ hearing aid. As the first available Made for iPhone® custom hearing aid, the Legend offers iOS compatibility and several features that put users in full control of their personalized hearing experience.

To reflect the growing trend of mobile personal health tracking, Beltone designed Beltone Legend hearing aids with the capability to receive clear, clean sound streamed from an iPhone, iPad® or iPod touch® without additional adapters, essentially turning the user’s hearing aid into wireless headphones. Several additional features automatically adjust sounds to reflect the listener’s environment, intuitively eliminating background noise, boosting higher-pitched sounds and limiting unnecessary feedback.

Two Beltone Legend features are designed to help users build a three-dimensional sound picture in their brain, making it easier to focus on conversations.

  • Personal Sound ID mimics the natural sound level difference between your ears, which can help users identify where sounds originate
  • CrossLink Directionality enhances sound quality by monitoring the sound environment and automatically selecting the most natural speech focus settings

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