New range of earplugs from Alpine Hearing Protection

Alpine Earplugs

In January 2015, Alpine Hearing Protection is launching a completely new range of hearing protectors that offer natural noise attenuation and a comfortable fit. Consumers have the choice of six different hearing protectors: SleepSoft, PartyPlug, FlyFit, SwimSafe, Pluggies Kids and WorkSafe. Each hearing protector has its own specific attenuating filter for use in different situations. This offers the wearer the assurance that their hearing is appropriately protected. In addition, all hearing protectors have a new shape. The earplugs fit better and are even more comfortable to wear.

Every type of earplug has its own unique features. The SleepSoft and FlyFit earplugs have extra soft filters. Thus, those who sleep with one ear on the pillow will not experience a nasty sense of pressure. Alpine offers PartyPlug earplugs in a transparent version. These earplugs are far less noticeable when you go out. Pluggies Kids, especially for children from three to twelve years of age, are made of hypoallergenic AlpineThermoShape material, as are the other earplugs. WorkSafe earplugs are black and have a slightly longer stem, which makes them easy to remove from the ear, even with large hands.