New iPad iAudiometer app


In December 2014, MelMedtronics introduced a New iPad iAudiometer app. The iAudiometer is a full-function, professional, clinical audiometer that meets ANSI 3.6-2010 and EN Standards.

The iAudiometer can be calibrated like any traditional audiometer (Calibration Instructions are included). Compatible transducers are also the usual ones: TDH-39, TDH-49, DD45, ER-3, ER-5 and B71.

Features that can be included are as following:

  • AC/BC/Sound Field + Masking;
  • Speech Tests: SRT/SD and PIPB
  • Picture Pointing Test: Psst!™
  • Additional AC/BC Test: Stenger Test, Tone Decay, ABLB;
  • The Tinnitus Evaluation Program (TEP™);
  • A customized, self-populated Clinical Report can be automatically generated from the current evaluation, as well as prior test results, into one comprehensive Report. You can easily customize the header with your logo and your clinic’s information. In addition, you can add your signature automatically.
  • Results can be stored in a database, saved to an encrypted file, printed, emailed or uploaded in a cloud storage service.


Various versions are available, depending on your needs. Prices start from $199.99 and in-app purchases are available.

iPad is a registered trademark of Apple Inc.