Patented Otoplastic Film

The patented otoplastic film is a new generation of otoplastic. It is developped specifically for slim tube and external earmolds and is produced only plug-shapped.

Compared to conventional otoplastics, the otoplastic film differentiates by the major innovation of material, wearing comfort and field of application.


  • Soft, eudermic, extremely tear-resistant, light (approx. 3 grams), thin walls (approx. 0.3 millimeter).
  • No other material used in otoplastic achieves more flexibility and lightness.

Wearing comfort:

  • Very high wearing comfort for the user of the earmold
  • Anatomical fit, optimal positioning
  • is barely felt in the auditory canal
  • Aesthetic

Field of application

Application with slim tube and external earmolds

  • Customized otoplastic film with impression compound or CAD, additional vent and adapter on request
  • Standardised otoplastic film in three sizes

Do not consider the dome - use the film

Both systems are equipped with an adapter which enables using and exchanging slim tubes and external earmolds of different providers easily without sticking to the auditory canal.

Other domes become redundant. The adapter of the earmold provider can be inserted on request. Additional vents according to audiological data or the modification of the film can be conducted with minimal effort even by a layperson. Perfect for the choice of a fitting hearing aid but also for long term application.