DREAM CIC MICRO – One of the smallest CIC’s on the market


Widex is pleased to introduce the ultra-small DREAM CIC MICRO, perfect for those of your clients who appreciate a very discreet hearing solution.

Based on the DREAM platform, the CIC MICRO is built on the TRUE ISP platform, proven to provide better sound quality in situations with loud noise. This means that even in very difficult listening situations, such as being at a restaurant or at a sporting event, users have state–of-the-art sound quality - despite wearing very small and discreet hearing aids.

The CIC MICRO also includes a new Personal Acclimatization feature making it easier for new hearing aid users in particular to adapt to wearing a hearing aid.


The addition of the new CIC MICRO means the DREAM CIC’s are now available in 4 different variants: a wireless CIC, and a non-wireless CIC – both with fitting ranges of up to 80 and 90 dB respectively. This flexibility means you can find the right solution for a wider range of your clients with fewer re-fits. To experience the new DREAM CIC MICRO, be sure to visit us at the EUHA Congress at stand A15.