Unitron delivers natural sound for all with Shine™ Rev


Unitron introduces Shine Rev, the newest family of entry level hearing instruments that delivers the most natural sound in its class. Powered by Era™, Shine Rev’s best-in-class features work together to increase listening comfort and speech clarity. Shine Rev also offers a new fast fitting option using Unitron TrueFit™ software, plus more choice with a wide array of discreet and powerful styles.

Signature features work together:

  • AutoMic - works continuously in quiet environments in omni directional mode for comfort and sound awareness, switching to adaptive or fixed directional mode when noise is detected, for greater comfort that still maintains audibility
  • Noise reduction – works hand-in-hand with AutoMic to further suppress distracting sounds
  • Speech enhancement - complements AutoMic and noise reduction to enhance speech clarity and comfort
  • AntiShock - Unitron’s award-winning feature instantly softens sudden harsh sounds, like clattering dishes, while preserving speech clarity

Shine Rev ensures a positive first fit experience, thanks to both the Automatic Adaptation Manager and new enhancements to Unitron TrueFit fitting software (six quick steps on one screen). Shine Rev is also interesting for the global market not only for its affordability, but its regionally sensitive fitting defaults.

The Shine Rev line-up includes a full range of BTE and custom styles, including options for severe hearing losses.