Update to the Affinity2.0 integrated fitting solution supporting the clinician’s daily use in the clinic

Interacoustics released the new Affinity software, version 2.4.0. This new version includes multiple features such as :

  • Full 2 channel speech in noise - present noise and stimulus in the same channel simultaneously
  • Edit in the report editor in historical sessions – this enables the tester to retrospectively document their appointments
  • PC Keyboard Shortcut Manager - Customizable short cut keys for improved ease of use
  • FM transparency verification - Ability to verify FM system output
  • An included language pack in the software - No need for a second software installation
  • Compatibility with REMfit in Bernafons Oasis - easier and faster fitting
  • Updated Skull Simulator Protocol - New setup guide with updated pictures added to the skull guide
  • Info: Interacoustics