Bernafon Introduces Juna – For a First Class Hearing Experience


On October 23, 2014, Bernafon will launch a new premium hearing aid family called Juna. Two full product lines will be introduced in the high-end categories: Juna 9 and Juna 7. They feature Bernafon’s proprietary Audio EfficiencyTM technology and new features will be available:

  • Reverb Reduction is a new feature that detects and reduces reverberant sound in large rooms and places of worship.
  • Speech Cue PriorityTM provides the option to preserve the speech envelope information, which is important for speech intelligibility for severe to profoundly hearing–impaired people.
  • i-VC (intelligent volume control) is a new frequency-shaped volume control that takes into account that some frequency regions are more important than others for speech intelligibility.
  • Comfort in Airplane is a new listening program specifically designed to cope with in-cabin airplane noise.

In addition to these new features, Juna 9 |7 offers you and your clients two new CIC models with wireless capabilities, more powerful ITE and ITC instruments, and a complete new range of colors for BTE models.

New wireless accessories will also be launched. With Bernafon’s brand new SoundGate App (made for iPhone), switching programs, adjusting the volume, and connecting to multiple devices will be made easier and more discreet. Clients will appreciate the new SoundGate Mic – a light, discreet, yet powerful partner clip-on microphone. Finally, the RC-N remote control has a new contemporary design with larger buttons, but it is smaller and lighter overall.