Demant grows its shares of GN Store Nord, while latter gives its shareholders a gloomy audio division forecast



GN Hearing

GN Store Nord has announced that it received a notification from William Demant Invest stating that William Demant Invest A/S increased its aggregate holding of shares to above 10% of the share capital and voting rights in GN Store Nord A/S.


USA's Lively rebrands as Jabra Enhance as GN shuffles its OTC pack


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GN Hearing

GN Hearing has thickened the imprint of its OTC offering by rebranding Lively, an online teleaudiology purchase it made in 2021, which will now take the name of GN's flagship over-the-counter hearing aid, Jabra Enhance.


Hewlett Packard moves into hearing space with Nuheara




Australian firm Nuheara is the latest manufacturer to launch an over-the-counter (OTC) hearing device, trading blows in the early rounds of an inevitable price war, but choosing to license not under its own name but through a well known partner, Hewlett Packard's HP brand.


A live debate in Spain reviews the possible consequences of OTC hearing aids - from hearing aid allies to cortical damage



JLF      Jordi Serra, Raúl García-Medina, Guillermina Achleitner and Alfonso Ríos at the AEDA round table discussion on OTC hearing aids.

It’s a hot topic. The US Food and Drug Administration announced its final ruling and guidance on over-the-counter hearing aids in August 2022. Since then, major manufacturers have announced product for the self-fitting direct-to-consumer space opened up by the ruling, first in the US, and then, by creep, to the rest of the world.


Amplifon boasts "ideal positioning" on release of solid Q3 2022 results



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Amplifon, the world's biggest hearing aid retailer, has posted strong third quarter figures, supporting the Milan-based group's forecast of end-of-year revenues in the region of 2,150 million euros, and an EBITDA recurring margin in the region of 25%.


Some elephants never leave the room...But what of Brexit?



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As on the day after the 2016 Brexit referendum, it is still difficult to get people to voice their opinions on this legal, business, and cultural earthquake. While it is possible that the tight-lipped might really have more to say than those who speak up, AWN's canvassing of thoughts yielded a smattering of interesting observations.


Has Lucid's price-tiered arrival on the OTC hearing aid market opened up the price war front?



©Lucid Hearing      The Lucid Fio option at $1,699.99

First shots in an OTC price war? It is the first week of over-the-counter hearing sales, and Lucid Hearing has launched seven hearing aids at prices ranging from $199 to $799, all available online.


WS Audiology sells its UK Bloom assets to the growing Outside Clinic project




October 18, 2022. WS Audiology UK (WSA) and Outside Clinic (OC) today announced a deal by which the latter group - to this point a provider eye and hearing care tests in the home for both NHS and private patients - will acquire the UK assets of WSA's worldwide Bloom Hearing Specialists network.


Starkey to launch an OTC hearing aid...reluctantly, and without conviction



© Photo: © EDP Audio     Starkey President and CEO Brandon Sawalich (right) interviewed alongside Starkey France Directeur Général Fabrice Vigneron. 

Starkey supremo, Brandon Sawalich, has revealed that the US hearing aid manufacturer is developing an over-the-counter (OTC) device that will be released under a different brand name: Start Hearing One.


Is well-being the perfect narrative?


hearing aid marketing

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Phonak talks the science involved in persuading people to buy product on the basis of improving not just hearing health, but general well-being. The Swiss manufacturer proposes a broader health model for easy use in clinical audiology practice.