Canadian Unitron celebrates 50 years


Unitron was founded in 1964 and was the first Canadian manufacturer of hearing aid technology. Today, it operates in 70 countries with 20 international offices and a network of distribution partners. Since its beginnings in Newfoundland, Unitron has grown and developed and is now a company with global reach. According to a company press release, “Throughout its history, Unitron has thrived and grown, always guided by the belief that this business is built on the strength of personal relationships, and that its products are really opportunities to make life better for people with hearing loss.”

The company has a history of innovation and has adapted to technology changes throughout its 50 years in the business. In the 1960s through to the mid-1980s, Unitron was a leader in power BTEs for severe to profound hearing loss. In the 1990s, the company offered user-friendly, intuitive fitting software advancements in a changing technological environment.

Innovation and building relationships are the core of its business, according to the press release. Unitron President, Jan Metzdorff, explains, “Since our earliest days, Unitron has understood that this business is personal. That was true 50 years ago and it holds today. The relationships we have established with hearing healthcare professionals, and how we support them in forming strong relationships with their patients, have never been more important.”

Some examples of industry firsts include new features and technologies such as SmartFocus for adjustment from comfort to clarity, Moxi for full functionality plus wireless features, Tandem for people with hearing in only one ear, and AntiShock technology used to identify and instantaneously control sudden impulse noises.