Upgrade your Noah System: It’s free, easy and well worth it! - by HIMSA

by Project Director A.Rasmussen*

In your daily work routine, it’s often hard to find the time to perform simple tasks – like updating software. However, HIMSA highly recommends you take the time to make a free upgrade to Noah 4.4. You’ll be glad you did.

If you already own Noah System 4.3 or earlier, updating your PC to version 4.4 should only take about 10 minutes.

Just visit the website www.himsa.com, download Noah System 4.4 and run the install. In return, you will receive:

• A number of new features, such as patient categories, patient photos and user-defined fields
• Continued support (versions 4.0 and 4.1 are no longer supported by HIMSA)
• Support for Windows 8 and 8.1
• Support for the new Audiogram Module

If you are currently running NOAH System 3, the advantages are even greater.

Imagine having all your patient information on one screen!

Noah System 4.4 has been redesigned from the ground up. This means that all the information and features you need most are only a click away.


Noah 4 offers a wide range of new features requested by the Noah User Group (NUG). Noah 4 also provides the following advantages absolutely free:

• Unlimited users: the Noah 4 site license lets you use Noah on all PCs at a single address/location
• Share a Noah database between offices with Noah 4 WAN support .
• Start Noah 4 fitting and measurement modules from your desktop.
• Continued support and updates (NOAH 3 is no longer supported by HIMSA distributors)
• Support for new Windows operating systems and the latest PC technology
• Support for the new Audiogram Module

Audiogram module

If you are using NOAH System version 3.5 and later on your PC, the Noah System 4.4 upgrade should take less than 30 minutes (even faster if you already have .Net 4.0 installed). For more information, contact your Noah distributor, or you can also visit www.himsa.com, download Noah System 4.4 and run the install.

As part of the installation, all your patient records and settings will be moved over to Noah 4.4. The install will also help to:

• Migrate your fitting and measurement modules to Noah 4 (if they are compatible)
• Convert your NOAH 3 license to Noah 4 (if your PC has an Internet connection)

IMPORTANT: NOAH 3 for ENT licenses not eligible for the free upgrade.

Are you Upgrading a Noah network?

If you are running Noah System on a network, please remember that all your Noah PCs should be upgraded at the same time. Contact your network administrator before upgrading.


* Arild Rasmussen is Project Director and acting Product Manager for HIMSA products. Since joining HIMSA in 2007, Arild has been involved in a wide range of HIMSA activities from product strategy and design to member company communication.