Jørgen Jensen, new CEO of Widex International


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Jørgen Jensen is the new CEO of Widex. He will replace Jan Tøpholm, son of the company’s co-founder Christian Tøpholm. Jan Tøpholm will now devote himself fully to his role as Chairman of the Board, alongside Søren and Anders Westermann, who are also co-owners of Widex, and sons of the company’s other co-founder, Erik Westermann.

Before joining Widex, Jørgen Jensen worked for fifteen years at Nilfisk Advance, a multinational company specializing in the manufacture of professional cleaning equipment. He was head of business development and the supply chain, before holding the position of CEO at the company for eight years.

Under his leadership, Nilfisk Advance fundamentally reorganized its processes and saw strong growth, doubling its profits. “It is this experience and expertise which will contribute to ensuring the necessary focus and speed of readjustment needed for the further development of Widex,” commented Jan Tøpholm.

“In the last 10 years, the company has grown by 10% each year... That development should not just continue, it should be strengthened. That makes Jørgen Jensen the right man to lead Widex,” Jan Tøpholm adds.

Source: Widex