New sound processor awaiting regulatory approval

Advanced Bionics (AB), a global specialist in cochlear implant technology has announced that its next-generation behind-the-ear sound processor is now awaiting regulatory approval. Recipients in the United States, Canada and Europe who choose AB will soon have the option to select the next processor and hear with the latest technology when it is available, according to a company statement. Under the Sonova Group, Advanced Bionics collaborates with Phonak, bringing together advanced cochlear implant and hearing instrument innovations into one family. Designed for improved hearing in a wide variety of listening settings, the all-new processor will feature state-of-the-art technologies and accessories available exclusively from Advanced Bionics and Phonak for the first time in the market's history, says the statement. The new processor will be 40% smaller than AB's current behind-the-ear processor, provide unprecedented performance capabilities and offer industry-leading wireless connectivity options. "We realize there is huge anticipation for AB to introduce the next-generation processor. Choosing AB now gives recipients in the U.S., Canada and Europe the option to enjoy the most advanced technology when it's introduced," said Hansjuerg Emch, Group Vice President of the Sonova Medical Division within which AB resides. "AB is known for industry firsts. With technology fom AB and Phonak combined, the next processor to come from us will be history making for the market."

Source:Advanced Bionics

Rose Simpson