Amplifon: Brilliant growth recorded in North America


The Amplifon Group posted results which were up slightly with respect to the prior year, which was the best year in the Group’s history. The consolidated revenue for the year reached Euro 846.6 million at December 31st, 2012 with an increase of 2.3%. That was achieved thanks to the brilliant growth recorded in North America (+14.2%), the Asia-Pacific region (+14.2%) and the United Kingdom (6.1%) that was able to temper the decrease in Continental Europe (-2.9%).There are very different situations in Continental Europe; net revenues were in decline in Switzerland (-36.8%), the Netherlands (-7.6%), Germany (-2,3%) and the Iberian Peninsula (-2.5%). However they are increasing in France (+1.5%) and Italy (+1.4%).

International expansion continued in the year with entry in Turkey and Poland, as well as the strengthening of the regional coverage in India where the Group has become the Country’s main retail chain.

Source: Amplifon