New CEO of Phonak Brazil


Marilisa Zavagli will become the new CEO of Phonak Brazil on April 1, succeeding Pedro Stern who will serve as board chairman. She will also serve as the Brazilian representative on Phonak’s Advisory Product Board in Switzerland.

“By promoting an audiologist to CEO, and the first woman among Sonava’s companies, Phonak has recognized the important role of audiology,” Phonak CEO Lukas Brauschweiler said in a press release.

Zavagli was hired in 1991 by CAS, a Brazilian hearing aid company which was purchased by Phonak in 2006. She was promoted to product and training manager of CAS in 1998, and later became head of marketing and product management for Phonak Brazil. Zavagli said her time working in various market segments at Phonak has been “very rewarding” and credits training for Phonak Brazil’s ability to understand and meet the needs of its customers.

“Understand the customer’s needs, be clear and objective, and be capable of analyzing results. That’s useful no matter what area you work in,” she said. Phonak’s purchase of CAS has enhanced the company’s success and kept it at the top of the Brazilian market.

“The fact that Phonak supported our strategy and team explains why we held our position,” she told Audio Infos. “We have a business team for each segment, and that allows us to specialize and focus our work.”

Stephane Davoine