The Grand Old Man of the Hearing Industry


On February 11th this year, Widex celebrates the 90th birthday of one of the hearing industry’s emblematic figures, Erik Westermann, who founded Widex in 1956 together with his partner Christian Tøpholm.

Working out of the cellar of Christian Tøpholm’s home, the two men laid the foundation of what would later become one of the world’s leading hearing aid producers. From these humble beginnings, they built up a successful business combining their respective skills - Christian Tøpholm as a gifted engineer and Erik Westermann as the natural born business talent. One of Erik Westermann’s main contributions to Widex’ success is the extensive network of partnerships that he worked to establish. “I’m lucky to have met a lot of fascinating people from the industry with whom I have formed lifelong friendships,” he says.

For Erik Westermann, life has also had its downsides. As an active member of the Danish resistance during the Second World War, he was captured by the Germans and sent to concentration camp. And tragedy struck in 1985 when his partner, Christian Tøpholm, passed away as the result of a tragic car accident.

Despite such experiences, Erik Westermann has always had a positive take on life. At 90 years old, his impressive energy and impeccable manners combined with a solid sense of humour still make him a source of inspiration for Widex employees and a valued friend and colleague for people across the industry.

Source: Widex