Decline in hearing aid sales

©Sanja Gjenero -

The quarterly statistics from the British Hearing Aid Manufacturers’ Association show an unexpectedly sharp decline in sales to both private hearing aid dispensers and NHS hospital departments. Year-on-year sales in the private sector dropped 10% for the July, August and September months, with BTE sales declining by 19% (ITE sales increased slightly). Hearing aid sales to the public sector decreased by 7.2% for the same period. These numbers are surprising as the third quarter figures are usually the highest of the year. This is the first year-on-year drop for the private sector since Q2 2009! Total sales from manufacturers were 280,647 for the quarter, a decrease of 7.8% on the previous year. Year-to-date figures remain positive, showing the private market up 3.4% compared to 2011 and public sector sales at 16.3% higher than the first three quarters of 2011. The first two quarters of 2012 had seen extremely strong sales increases across both sectors.

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