Oticon Intiga Finalist in Danish Design Award 2012


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Oticon Intiga has earned top marks for its appeal to another discerning group of individuals - the jury of the Danish Design Award 2012. The prestigious design award honours companies that have created innovative products and solutions of a high aesthetic and functional quality. Intiga is one of four finalists in the Industrial Design Category, joining Bang & Olufsen, Nordisk Company A/S and internationally acclaimed eyeglass manufacturer Lindberg. "We are pleased and honoured that Intiga has been recognized by the Danish Design Awards," said Ben Colman, Sales & Marketing Director of Oticon Ltd. "In designing Intiga, and all Oticon hearing solutions, our focus is always on how we can best meet the needs and preferences of people with hearing loss first. We designed Intiga to address first-time users' desire for discreetness, natural sound quality and rapid acclimatisation. An international study* by respected universities in the USA and Germany has already shown us that Intiga meets new users' expectations, delivering immediate acceptance and immediate benefits." The Danish Design Award is presented to companies that have created innovative products characterized by aesthetics, innovation, user-friendliness, responsibility and durability. Award judges praised Intiga's combination of advanced technology and "functional and elegant design." Judges also noted that the tiny hearing instrument's cutting-edge design demonstrated "a good understanding of users' needs." The winners of the Danish Design Award 2012 will be announced in September 2012 at the Danish Design Center in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Victoria Adshead

*Behrens, T., Schulte, M., Kreisman, B. & Weile, J. (2011). "Meeting the First-Time User Challenge," The Hearing Review, 2011; 18(13): 18-29.