Spanish chain GAES opens centre no. 600


A. Gassó, M.I. Martínez-Cubells and E. Durio, at the launch.

The GAES hearing centre chain opened its practice number 600 in Madrid on March 5. The centre joins the second biggest network in the world. Now present in half-a-dozen countries, the firm chose the occasion to launch a "new concept" defined by its leaders as "the integration of medical treatment and hearing care consultation."

The "new model" of hearing care centres launched for the first time by GAES with centre number 600 of its network was designed and equipped to respond to "a social, clinical, and healthcare" necessity among users, according to the group's CEO, Antonio Gassó, who opened these facilities on March 5 in the company of María Isabel Martínez-Cubells, chair and councillor of the Madrid district of Chamberí, where the centre is located.

Its more-than-300 square metres of floorspace will provide all the usual services to be found in GAES integrated hearing centre, and this includes multisciplinary and child audiology, tinnitus treatment, cochlear implant attention, and auditory retraining. In implants, the centre covers repairs and immediate replacement of processors in case of faults or breakdown. Furthermore, "medical specialists are on hand to attend to users, handling all aspects of the treatment process for hearing conditions and through the most innovative technology," explain sources at the company.

Medical research

This centre, which is found in Calle José Abascal, Madrid, also carries out studies "of scientific and medical interest" on implantable devices.

At the opening, Dr. Enrique Durio, together with the other members of the centres medical team, gave a presentation on presbyacusis, a lecture aimed at the group subject to the ageing factors which determine gradual hearing loss.

Following the opening of this centre, GAES has more than 500 practices in Spain, and 600 worldwide located in our country, Portugal, Chile, Argentina, Ecuador, and Turkey.


Photos: GAES