Beltone Boost™ Wins 2015 Red Dot Award for Product Design


On 3 April Beltone announced that Beltone Boost received a 2015 Red Dot Award for Product Design. The award acknowledges Beltone’s design excellence in creating a comfortable hearing aid that helps wearers overcome significant hearing challenges.

“Beltone Boost represents a unique combination of functional design and powerful features,” said Beltone President Todd Murray. “This award validates the relentless effort our team put into developing an attractively designed super power hearing aid that addresses more profound hearing needs.”

According to the press release, Beltone Boost offers a range of advanced sound processing features designed for challenging listening situations, including Feedback Eraser, CrossLink Directionality and Sound Shifter. These features help wearers control their hearing experience and reconnect with sounds or conversations they might have been missing.

The award-winning design features a compact, ergonomic shape and HPF NanoBlock technology, an environmental protective coating that seals the entire instrument and protects it from moisture, sweat and dirt.

Beltone Boost wearers also benefit from Made for iPhone integration that allows them to simply and discreetly control their hearing aids through their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch without an adapter or intermediary device. Wearers can also use Beltone Boost as wireless headphones to talk on the phone, use FaceTime, listen to music and receive GPS directions directly through the hearing aids. The Beltone HearPlus app offers additional customizable hearing options.

The Red Dot winners were selected by a jury of international experts that assessed 4,928 entries from 56 countries. All winning products will be recognized at the Red Dot Gala on 29 June and exhibited in the Red Dot Design Museum in Essen, Germany, for an entire year.

Source: Beltone