Amplifon takes ownership of Dilworth Hearing Limited


The Italy-based retailer, Amplifon, has completed the purchase of Dilworth Hearing Limited, an audiology service provider in New Zealand.

Amplifon already owned 40% of the company and will now acquire the remaining shares from holding company Entrust Hearing Limited to take complete ownership in a deal announced last week. Amplifon say that the amount of the transaction if not significant.

"The operation announced today represents the natural evolution of long standing partnership", commented Franco Moscetti, CEO of the Amplifon Group. "Our Group is well positioned to guarantee further business growth, while maintaining its focus of serving the needs of the medical community".

Amplifon, a worldwide leader in the distribution, fitting and personalisation of hearing aids and related services, has a network of over 3,300 points of sale, more than 3,200 service centres and over 2,000 affiliates, and is active in 22 countries.

Source: Amplifon