Amplifon: revenue up 7.7%



Amplifon has published its 2014 financial statement and has posted an increase in revenue of 7.7%, at 890.9 million Euros. This performance was the result of organic growth of 5.8% on the one hand, and acquisitions, up 2.5%, on the other.

All the geographical areas where the group operates showed an improvement in sales figures. In particular, the Europe-Middle East-Africa zone recorded sales of 617.7 million Euros, about 70% of total sales, up 9.9% versus 2013.

Italy is of course in first position, with 229 million Euros (+ 1.5%), followed by France, with 105.9 million Euros (+ 7.7%), thanks specifically to acquisition of Audika’s Italian activities.

Concerning dividends, the group’s Board of Directors has proposed an amount of 4.3 Euro cents per share, i.e. a total of 9.3 million Euros paid to shareholders. Shareholders will be asked to validate this amount in April.

For 2015, the group’s management team expects similar growth to that recorded in 2014. “In Europe, even though the global market conditions are not expected to improve markedly, the improvement in profitability recorded in 2014 is expected to persist”, the group indicated in a statement.

Source: Amplifon