New society for hearing impaired launched in Oman


Until recently in Oman, issues of interest to the hearing impaired were grouped together with the challenges facing other disability groups, within the advocacy organization known as the Oman Association for the Disabled. But things have now changed with the launch of the Society for the Hearing Impaired, the Omani newspaper “The Week” reports.

The launch of this new society means that people with hearing loss will now be supported by an association of their own. “The hearing impaired have needs that are not the same as the blind or others. They have specific requirements,” says Fahad al-Raisi, vice president of the society. Two of the specific challenges of the society are to support the hearing impaired to actively participate in education and in employment in the Omani community.

According to the article, people with hearing impairment in the sultanate are experiencing setbacks because of a lack of specialized facilities to suit their needs. Ensuring suitable emergency services for the deaf is one of the society’s priorities. Another is making sure that hard-of-hearing and deaf patients can effectively communicate their symptoms to doctors if they are admitted to hospital. “We hope that in the near future, every major hospital here will have at least one person who knows sign language,” says al-Raisi. “The hearing impaired in Oman also require more specialized hearing aids: physicians will decide what kind of hearing aids are needed,” he adds.

Source: The Week - Oman