Basic audiology for educators at the University of Almería


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April 22 saw the 1st Basic Audiology Conference for Educators held at the Faculty of Education Sciences at Spain's University of Almería. The event was a collaboration between the Secretariat of Educational and Vocational Orientation and audiologists María Bernal (organiser and speaker) and Sebastián Bernal (speaker). It was directed by Antonio Luque de la Rosa. The Conference is part of an ongoing training programme taking place in different universities in Andalusia and aimed at future educators with regard to treating hearing disability in the classroom.

According to María Bernal, the initiative originates from "the great lack of awareness in the educational community about hearing disability and the figure of the audiologist, as well as the demand for information from unsatisfied parents."

Speeches are aimed at getting across the figure of the audiologist and the work they do; the theoretical and practical organisation of the classroom, as well as the figure of the educator as a mediator, all of this related to hearing disability. The Conference also offered practical workshops. Students were encouraged to understand the importance of promoting the plural and interdisciplinary nature of classroom work so as not to damage the evolution of pupils with hearing disabilities.

The same one-day event was also held on March 25 and April 1 at the University of Cádiz, being very well-received and achieving huge participation from students. María Bernal confirmed that negotiations are under way with the University of Almería to repeat the event in coming years.