Hear Today Films: the film initiative to raise awareness by the IHHA



The Irish Hard of Hearing Association (IHHA) –association working for people who acquire a hearing loss after developing their verbal communication skills— has released a series of five animated short films which aim to encourage hard of hearing people to be assertive and open about their hearing loss, as well as discourage misconceptions and stigmas about hearing loss. The animations feature voice overs from IHHA members as well as the Oscar-nominated actor Stephen Rea.

Cocoon, Day in the Life, What Causes Hearing Loss, How to Help and Help is Available are the titles of the films, which are available online and were also screened at the International Federation of Hard of Hearing People (IFHOH) Conference in Jerusalem in April 2014. The IHHA has also created a five-minute collection piece which will be submitted to film festivals for potential future screenings.

Watch the films here!

Source: IHHA Ireland