Autonomous University of Madrid instals more hearing loops


In line with its commitment to universal accessibility, the Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM) has installed a number of new hearing induction loops in its Disability Care Area and Student Orientation Office. The Disability Care Area is located in the University's Plaza Mayor building, while the information point is close to access to trains. The number of UAM students suffering from some form of disability has increased from its 2012-2013 level of 199 to 235 during this academic year. The induction loop means access to information for the University's disabled Community and total integration in university activities. Last year, a hearing loop was installed in the function hall of the Biology building within the UAM Science Faculty.

These combined actions are in line with the objectives of the UAM's Campus of International Excellence scheme and form part of a collaboration agreement between the Autonomous University of Madrid and the Vodafone Foundation Spain.