Rocking with Chilean sign language


© Guigal

The end of March will bring the Lollapalooza international alternative rock festival 2014 to Chile, a chance to feast on a bill which includes, among others, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Nine-inch Nails, Soundgarden, Pixies, New Order, and Arcade Fire. And for the hearing disabled, the Festival will feature a group of experts in Chilean sign language.

Organisers chose only those signers who can sing rock songs, carry the beat, dance, and transmit emotions with signing, and all at the same time. There was a tough casting procedure, even though the festival is promoted as a laid-back affair, not at all formal. This means that specialists selected needed special charisma so that those receiving the information they impart can get fully involved in the event and feel included.

Lollapalooza is also held in the USA, Brazil, and Argentina. This will be the fourth time it has been run in Chile, and hopes are high that the 2014 edition is going to be the most successful. It is held on March 29 and 30 in the O’Higgings Park, Santiago. It is estimated that some 75,000 people per day will attend. The festival’s five stages hold simultaneous events for different audiences, from lovers of pure rock to children having fun in the Kidzapalooza marquee.

This is the first time the Festival has extended a special invitation to people with hearing loss, and the first in which they will be able to take part effectively thanks to the aforementioned highly charismatic rocking interpreters.