Video helpline for deaf women



Since December 2013, the deaf female population of Chile has been able to count on a new helpline set up by the National Women’s Service (SERNAM). Its aim is to provide assistance to women in Chile, even those living in remote places, without the need to travel to this public institution’s offices. A pioneer state service, it uses videoconference technology and expert sign language interpreters. The project is underpinned by the idea to achieve national recognition of the values and obligations of the law on equality of opportunities and social integration for the disabled so that this community can count on finding help when it is needed.

The videoconference service is provided thanks to a free domestic violence support service (Fono Ayuda Violencia) and the sign language interpreter is available in office hours, Monday to Friday (from 09:00 until 18:00). A webcam connects the caller to the post of the interpreter through the videoconferencing system.

Read more about the service here (Spanish).

Watch the video presentation of the service (sign language and Spanish).