Deafness turned into an advantage for NFL star


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Derrick Coleman, Seattle Seahawks fullback, has had profound hearing loss since the age of three. But the NFL star has never let that get in his way. USA Today Sports has reported on Coleman‘s inspirational role, highlighted in a new commercial for Duracell entitled “Trust your power”.

Coleman says that he was often told there were many things he couldn’t do, particularly participate in a team sport like American football, because you have to hear what’s going on. However, his persistence has proven the pessimists wrong. He is able to get the play call in the huddle from his team’s quarterback who doesn’t wear a mouthpiece. “He knows just to look at me,” Coleman says. “Everybody knows I lip read. They know when they talk to me, you have to look me in my eye. So all I do is look at him, read his lips and I’m good to go.” He has always impressed his fellow players. “He’s a humble guy who works hard,” says cornerback Richard Sherman, “and has never made an excuse. He’s an inspiration.”

It was this inspiration that sparked the idea for the Duracell commercial, which has been a major hit. “I’m glad that it really got to everybody.” Coleman says. “And everybody truly now sees not only what I overcame, but they got the message out of it: that they can do whatever they want to do. Don’t give up.” When asked about his impairment, Coleman has an expected response. “It definitely seems ironic,” he says, “I just consider it a blessing. I’m able to tone things out, and tune in on what I need to do.” Coleman is apparently the first deaf offensive player in NFL history.

Source: USA Today Sports; Bleacher report.