Cricket legend raises awareness of hearing impairment

Legendary cricket player Lance Cairns wants Kiwi CEOs to find out what it’s like to be deaf. He is asking them to be hearing impaired for a day.

Cairns, who has had a hearing impairment for most of his life, is representing The National Foundation for the Deaf in a challenge event to raise awareness about hearing impairment.

"We’re asking corporate and community leaders to experience what it’s like to have a hearing disability, for a just couple of hours on one day," said Cairns, The National Foundation for Deaf Ambassador.

The event is called The Silent Leadership Challenge. Each participant is asked to try three communications challenges at work and one at home. They will don bright yellow hearing protectors simulating deafness. The event takes place on Friday August 2. The challenges involve a team meeting, social get-together and television – without captions.

"A hearing disability can cut you off from other people and significantly diminish your quality of life," said Lance Cairns. "The Silent Leadership Challenge is a way business and community leaders can help create a better quality life for the one in six of us who are hearing impaired."

Source: National Foundation for the Deaf, New Zealand

Rose Simpson