Mural promotes hearing health


The Cheers for Ears program is taking a visual and interactive approach to raise awareness among Australian children about hearing loss prevention. In April 2013, artist Chris Nixon painted a large mural at the Ear Science Institute, in Perth, Western Australia. The mural promotes a Noise Induced Hearing Loss health promotion program for primary school-aged children. During the installation local children participated in a science/art workshop where Chris led the children to design their own artwork. The activities were recorded on video by Brandon D'Silva, and developed the footage into the documentary.

Cheers for Ears began in May 2010, and to date has reached over 23,000 children in their classrooms. Other initiatives have included Epic Ear Defence, a computer game set in the ear canal, and the creation of Cheers for Ears Charlie, a program mascot. More information is available on the website: The program is designed to educate and encourage healthy behaviors amongst young people to prevent noise induced hearing loss. It is a one hour education session delivered in the classroom which includes the use of a large model ear and video to demonstrate how the ear works; discussions and activities to learn about the cause of hearing loss; and a computerized simulator which allows student to experience what every day sounds might be like with hearing loss.

Source: Cheers for Ears